Top Five Tuesday — Five Reasons VBS Rocks

We started Vacation Bible School last night.

This year’s theme is Backstage With The Bible and culminates with a Go Fish Guys concert on Friday night.

But I’ve been working in VBS for pretty much the past 20 years. Why do I continue to be involved personally?

1. Kids & Chaos. 300 kids, music, sound, lights, adrenaline . . . it’s not a bad gig, you know. I wouldn’t want it every night, but it’s a rush this one week a year.

2. Different Venue. I believe it is important that the children of this or any church see their pastor not just as a man up on a platform spouting out things only adults can understand. They need to see that in a real sense the preacher is one of them.

3. Volunteers. VBS inspires and motivates more volunteers than any other church event except for First Serve. Happily, last night we had several folks show up unannounced, “just to see if we needed help.”

4. Music. My own kids — now 20 and 17 — still remember the songs from Vacation Bible Ship in 1995. VBS connects music with memory in a way that builds and keeps faith.

5. Decision. VBS gives the church a marvelous venue for “offering them Christ.” Each year, we get to celebrate the youngest among us coming to new places in their relationship with Christ.