Top Five Tuesday — A Random List Of GOATS

Sunday’s message began and ended with the subject of GOATS — Greatest Of All Time. I explained that just because Genesis 1 is the GOAT of creation hymns, that doesn’t mean it is the GOAT of scientific explanations of the universe’s origins. That’s not its intent. GOAT in one area of life doesn’t mean go to in another area of life.

Yet the whole subject of GOATS got me thinking: who/what are my GOATS in the areas and subjects that interest me? Glad you asked, because here they are:

GOAT Rock Song: “The Boys Of Summer.” Obviously.

GOAT Male Tennis Player: Roger Federer. Just as obviously.

GOAT Movie: “Field Of Dreams”

GOAT Novel: “The Nix.” Should I?  I debut novel and there’s no follow up?  I will anyway.

GOAT Tennis Season for a Mom: Margaret Court’s 1973 where she won three out of four Grand Slams a year after giving birth to Danny.

GOAT Biography: Edmund Morris’ trilogy on Teddy Roosevelt.

GOAT NFL Team, Single Season: 1989 49ers.

GOAT NCAA Football Team, Single Season: 2001 Miami. Wanted to go with 1971 Nebraska, 1995 Nebraska, or 2018 Clemson, but …

GOAT NCAA Basketball Team, Single Season: 1973 UCLA Record Busting Walton Gang, as Sports Illustrated called them.

GOAT Sports Magazine: Uh, Sports Illustrated.

GOAT Seminary: Asbury. Duh.

GOAT Dessert: Dairy Queen Blitz with vanilla ice cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and a banana.

GOAT Book On Preaching: Manuscript’s in; release early 2020.

GOAT Dallas Cowboy: Roger Staubach.

GOAT Tennis Racket: Jack Kramer Autograph.

GOAT Southwest Conference (RIP) Football Team: 1982 SMU.

GOAT Contemporary Christian Song: Colored People by DC Talk.

GOAT Modern Worship Tune: Resurrected King or Death Was Arrested. How could I choose just one?

GOAT Vintage Hymn: And Can It Be? (Sung at or by Asburians)