To You & Then Through You

I’m quite sure it’s not original with me, but recently I have been praying that what God does to me he would then do through me.

So that if he fills me with joy, that same joy would then flow through me to others.

If he drenches me with the Holy Spirit, that same Spirit would then move through me to others.

If he overwhelms me with his love, that same love would then radiate from me to others.

If he gives me serenity, that same serenity would be then travel through me to others.

I guess it’s like this: I don’t want to be a cul-de-sac, hoarding the blessing of God for myself. I instead long to be a connecting street, so that I give whatever blessings I receive.

What do you long for God to do to you or in you? Give him the space to then do that same thing through you.