Thursday Observations

A random sample of some things I’ve noticed recently . . .

  • Based on my drives past Rivergate Shopping Center on Wednesday, Thomas Menino and Rahm Emanuel have done Chick-Fil-A a huge favor.
  • Tennis in the Olympics is a bit like football in March: it’s nice, but who really needs it?
  • We’ve never elected a bald president in my lifetime.  We won’t this time, either.
  • Some people in church want to remain anonymous for awhile and others want all the attention you can give them . . . and it’s difficult to know in advance who falls into which camp.
  • If you buy a car at a certain dealership, they will call you three years later offering to “buy your car back” and put you in a new one for the “same monthly payment.”  Except that doesn’t count all the payments you already made.  People evidently fall for it or the dealerships wouldn’t keep doing it.
  • Based on his words in the Gospels, Jesus seems much more interested in creating a movement of followers than in raising up the next generation of leaders.
  • Charlotte survived Southpark’s temporary closure.  Barely.
  • If medical care was like veterinary care — meaning, you pay for the services directly — our health care issues would be much different.  Not easier, just different.
  • Newspapers may be on the way out but I can’t eat breakfast without one.
  • Tanking in badminton?  Whoda thunk it?
  • It takes a certain amount of ego to stand up in front of a crowd believing you have something to say that is worth hearing.  Some preachers are good at reigning in the ego that is inherent in the task.  Others are not.
  • The left thinks that Western Europe has the ideal economic system.  The right thinks it’s in Singapore.
  • If you work in an office, you should have a day of sending no emails to other people in that same office.  Personal interaction does wonders for office camaraderie.