Thrive Alive

So we had our first Thrive Alive at the Rivergate Shopping Center this past Saturday. We have changed our Saturday Thrive worship service into an outreach event. We’re taking the band on the road to four different venues in the Steele Creek area this summer.

Anyway, the debut was was even better than we expected. And we expected it to be good. The good people of Good Shepherd descended on RiverGate, supported the band, bought tons of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, and used the time and space to invite new people into the life of the church. At any given time on Saturday night, there were about 400 people surrounding the band and central water fountain.

And the best thing . . . some of the folks who had their first exposure to the church through Thrive Alive were in church the next morning.

Here are some images, courtesy of Amy Hutchinson:

The Band from behind, giving you a small slice of the crowds gathered ’round:


And the Band from the front:

People of all ages enjoyed the show:


The next Thrive Alive is on Saturday, July 19 from 6-8 p.m. at the Plaza Fiesta Center near Carowinds.