THREE WEEKS OF LOVE, Week 3 — “Let’s Get Physical. Or Not.”

Yep, in seventh grade I had a crush on, among others, Olivia Newton-John.



That’s when she was singing bubblegum like Have You Never Been Mellow?

A decade or so later, however, she gave us the 80s anthem Let’s Get Physical.  Part workout video, larger part double entendre, it became the theme song for the “if it feels good, do it” generation.

But as we wind up Three Weeks Of Love to what level do we today buy into that 80s understanding of sexual intimacy?

And specifically, what have we done with the when, the why, and the how of sex?

It’s a message that’s both PG-13 and thoroughly biblical.  To see what I mean,


8:30.   10.  11:30.