THREE WEEKS OF LOVE, Week 2 — “How Do I Know If I’m Really In Love?”

Oh, we ask that question, don’t we?

From middle school into adulthood, from innocent crushes to questionable relationships, we wonder:  “is it love?  If it IS love, am I even in it?  How do I know if I’m really in love and not just in ‘like’ or in ‘lust’?”

And . . . is that even the right question to ask?

We’ll be looking at these and other issues in Week 2 of “Three Weeks Of Love.”  It’s a message I “loved’ preparing and can’t wait to deliver.


8:30.  10.  11:30 (English).

11:30 Latino.

In case you missed it, here’s our sermon bumper which elicited quite a reaction at all our gatherings last week: