This May Seem A Bit Morbid . . .

. . . but a Good Shepherd friend sent me this via email earlier this week:

Agrawal funeral


And what is that?

The song list for his memorial service.

Now: my friend is young (well, younger than 54), in good health, and has neither chronic nor critical illness.

Yet he’s thinking ahead to what his farewell to earth will look like and sound like.

So it got me thinking of my own set list.  At this stage, it will include:

Where The Streets Have No Name (solo)

The Boys Of Summer (instrumental solo — maybe during the offertory?  Yes!  An offering at my “homegoing!”)

Sing To The King

He Reigns

The Same Power

Open slot for any new song I end up liking by the time my number’s up.

Speaking of which, you know I’ve got some pretty good genes, right?  My dad lived to 95, my mom is almost supernaturally self-reliant at 100+, and my siblings are so far mostly free of hereditary conditions like diabetes.

And I don’t smoke, chew, or date girls who do.

What I’m saying is, I don’t want our Good Shepherd worship team to start finalizing design and getting volunteers via Planning Center Online.

But I do want them to know that when that time comes, the services will be at 8:30, 10, and 11:30.