Thinking Long With Will Mancini

Here I am with Will Mancini of Auxano Church Consulting.

Back in 2010-2011, Will led a Good Shepherd team on the quest for clarity in terms of our identity. The result he helped us unearth is inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. 

That’s our mission … it is the compass that tells what, how, why we do what we do AND when we are successful.

One of the values that supports inviting all people is that we are awake to the Holy Spirit. Because it’s a value, we display it in our lobby, and because we display it in our lobby, Will snapped this photo of the two of us.

This time around, he’s helping a larger group of leaders think long.

How can we draw a picture of what our church will be in seven years in a way that’s memorable and motivational? If inviting all people is our compass, he’s now helping us craft a ‘travel brochure’ — a compelling picture of where we are headed that’s vivid enough to make sure you want to go there, too.  

We had a frutiful session on Tuesday and something tells me Wednesday will be even better.