Some Things You May Not Know …

An assortment of reflections, observations, confessions, and odds & ends …

  • I like every Imagine Dragons song I hear on the radio.
  • The Resident has become must-see-TV for me and for Julie.
  • I read Timothy Keller’s PreachingCommunicating Faith In An Age Of Skepticism and I have to admit that it was stunning.  Even better, it led to some minor adjustments that I believe will have major impact.

  • My best day as a pastor in the last few months revolved around a grief visit.  It wasn’t my happiest day as a pastor, of course, but it was among the best because it involved the work of caring for souls.
  • Next three series at Good Shepherd:  Bragging Rights, Eye Rollers, Movers & Shakers.
  • God sometimes asks me:  why is more than enough never enough?
  • If you wake up looking to be outraged, you’ll never be disappointed.  Or content.
  • Blessing houses works.
  • Speaking of which, I might have given my daughter’s boyfriend a World Famous Refrigerator Magnet as an Easter gift.
  • There is nothing quite as satisfying as giving the lawn a good springtime mow and edge.
  • When I first started preaching I remember thinking, “Wow, getting ready for this is JUST LIKE getting ready for a big tennis match!”  Strangely, that’s never changed.