Things Jesus Never Said

Say good-bye to Confessions Of A Pastor.

And hello to Things Jesus Never Said.

For the next six weeks, we’ll explore what Jesus really did say by first looking at his words from the perspective of the absurd: what he didn’t say.

You know, he never said . . .

Stay right where you are and make disciples of people just like you
Keep using the same wineskins
I’ve come to bring peace on earth
The harvest is small and the workers are plenty . . . so have a beer and relax!
Store up for yourself treasures on earth
Always give in public and make sure your picture gets taken

Seeing those absurdities will allow us to hone in on what he really said. And really meant.

And this Sunday is going to be so cool. You won’t believe what we’re going to do with all the names so many of you sent in last week. Just wait. 8:30. 10:00. 11:30