Things A Guy Would Never Think To Do If He Wasn’t Married

As I was separating light clothes from dark clothes before putting them in the washing machine, it occurred to me “this is the kind of thing I do because I’m married. I would never have even thought of separating lights from darks otherwise.”

And that got me thinking about other things that would never even enter my mind if was single; things I believe I share with most other males of the species . . .

  • Sending my family birthday cards;
  • Having personalized Christmas cards made up;
  • Putting up and decorating a Christmas tree;
  • Making the bed in the morning;
  • Putting the top of the toothpaste tube back on;
  • Marking February 14 on my calendar;
  • Owning one cat, much less two;
  • Talking about my feelings;
  • Making sure the color of my shoes match the rest of what I’m wearing;
  • Writing this post.