The Whimsical And The Weighty

A collection of thoughts and observations ranging from from the personal to the political and from the light-hearted to the heavy-handed …

  • The most exciting thing in my life over the past week has been working with a new contact lens specialist to locate a new brand and a prescription so that I am not HELPLESS WITHOUT MY READERS!
  • Just as Jesus is not ours to re-imagine, marriage is not ours to re-define.
  • I am excited that the much hoped for Palisades High School will open in Steele Creek by 2022.
  • God’s design for intimacy points to his beauty and leads to your wholeness.
  • We are citizens of the Kingdom and merely residents on the earth.
  • If I were relying only on my natural skill set and wiring, I’d like to be the PREACHER at Good Shepherd and the PASTOR at Mt. Carmel.  Ponder that for a minute and you might figure it out.
  • I continue to be stunned that people in my own Methodist tribe believe that Judges 21:25 is any way to carve out a life together.
  • Colossians 1:15-20 thrills me every time I read it.
  • Our G3 LifeGroup process during #OneSixtySeven has been so different and so rewarding that we’re going to do it again in the fall.
  • When I get tired of listening to Jason Isbell, I put in Don Henley.  Then when I get tired of listening to Don Henley, I put in Jason Isbell.
  • When Jesus could have redefined marriage in Matthew 19, he reinforced it instead.
  • I am claiming the truth that revival is impossible without God & inevitable with him.
  • My personal resolution for #OneSixtySeven has been to avoid/boycott those social media sites that I visit only to make me mad.  I can’t get frustrated at our collective outrage addiction while I’m participating in it.
  • Newer is not better and younger is not smarter.
  • I want to write a post on denominational countertransference but not sure I can pull it off.
  • For the last two weeks, I have cut my daily chocolate intake by more than one half.