The Weekend Ahead . . .

Here’s what’s coming up over the next 72 hours:


Tonght:  5 p.m. Wedding Rehearsal

6 p.m. Rehearsal Dinner Hosting

9 p.m. Sibling Reunioning

Tomorrow:  3:00  Wedding Photos

5:00 Wedding

6:30ish Reception

Why so involved in a wedding?

Because our son Riley marries Natalie Burke on Saturday, surrounded by friends and family.

Here’s the couple.

Riley & Natalie from website

But the weekend’s not over.

Sunday:  Bringing the Crash Test Dummies series to its climactic conclusion with a message on Samson called Gap Years.

And yes, I’m preaching.  Can’t wait.

I think I’ve got a whole passel of older siblings who are going to show up to see their baby brother in action.

8:30, 10, 11:30 at Moss

10, 11:30 at Zoar

11:30 at Latino.