The Wachovia

I spent Friday morning tooling around the Wachovia with both my wife Julie and my father-in-law Ted. It’s an annual tradition. Walking around Quail Hollow is a yearly exercise in seeing how the other half lives.

Some idle thoughts:

  • No cell phones allowed. How cool is that? All 30,000 people were without their cell phones . . . and the world continued to rotate on its axis. Imagine that.
  • Some golfers have fitness levels that wouldn’t really cut it on the pro tennis tour. Then there are others who definitely could. Check here.
  • Watching golf live is so different from watching it on TV. When you watch it live, you can only pay attention to either one golfer or one hole at a time. It’s hard to get a grasp of the big picture; difficult to know who has momentum and inspiration. But when you watch it on TV, you see the whole story at once: you watch multiple holes, you can follow the hot hand, you can see who is struggling and/or choking, and you have the commentary to help make sense of it all.
  • Then I realized: that (the difference between live golf and TV golf) is like the difference between being human and being God. We go through life focused on our small picture; God is engaged in it from the perspective of the Big Story. Think about it . . .

By the way: NUMB3RS. Tomorrow. 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30.