The Value Of Values

It’s good to know why you do certain things. It’s true for both individuals and organizations.

Which is why we put language to the values that support the mission of inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you attend Good Shepherd already, our hope is that you have sensed and felt these values long before you read them. We pray that when you see the list, your response will be, “Of course. That’s been obvious to me from the day I walked in.”

So here they are:

We are full on, full color. Worship at Good Shepherd will look like worship in heaven. Every tribe, every nation, and every tongue sings one song of praise here.

We are awake to the Holy Spirit. We celebrate and acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit to change, guide, and inspire us. Growth here will be spirit-led and not man-made.

We accept and challenge. We will freely accept one another’s brokenness and challenge one another to move toward healed wholeness.

We are “in here and out there.” We will give compassionate care to needs inside our walls without ever compromising our commitment to reach out to care for those far from Christ.

We engage the mind and the heart. God’s Spirit speaks through our intellect and our emotions. We will be rigorous and deep in our teaching while creatively touching hearts.

We speak the old through the new. We harness modern culture and technology to teach ancient truths. The Lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture will never change; the ways we effectively and creatively communicate the good news will always change.