The Value Of A Men’s Life Group Bible Study

I’m in the third week of leading a Sunday night Men’s Life Group Bible Study.

We’re doing a very good curriculum together called Invititation To Genesis, one of the best offerings by the Methodist Publishing House.

Some of the guys in the group are veterans of bible study, having combed through the pages of Genesis many times before.

Others are neophytes, having heard the story of Adam & Eve many times but never actually having read it.

(And when you actually read it, you discover with a wry smile that it doesn’t necessarily mean what you were always told that it means.)

But for all of them, do you know what I believe is the main value of our Men’s Life Group Bible Study? That when the men do their daily “homework,” their own children will see them open up the Word of God and be stretched by it.

In terms of impact, it will be the loudest studying these guys will ever do.

For those of you who are parents . . . how are your kids seeing you spend your free time?