The Treasure Principle

Every time we finish a series, I have a sense of grief. Usually, I’m not sure we can live up to what we just did with the next one.
That’s how I felt after Still. And after Piece Of Work. And after Rubber, Meet Road. And after The Fight Of Your Life.

But each time, it seems, God comes through and takes our meager preparation and does something bigger than we expected with it.

So even though I’m going to miss The Fight Of Your Life (and preaching from a boxing ring!), as we move into the Treasure Principle I am confident God will magnify himself through our efforts.

It’s a series about priorities, perspective, money, and eternity. It’s based on Randy Alcorn’s book of the same name, though while I was preparing the messages God kept sending me in unexpected directions.

So I pray he’ll do something unexpected in your life and mine through what we do.

It starts with a message called “The Treasure Principle.” Kind of like the title song on an album.


8:30. 10. 11:30.