The Theology Of Colin Cowherd

As a lot of you know, Colin Cowherd is far and away my favorite radio personality. He is smart, funny, and provocative.

And he is also defiantly non-religious.

So he’d be surprised that I title a post after his own theology.

But I do so because almost every day Cowherd says something so wise and so revealing that it could come straight from the book of Proverbs.

Yesterday it was this:

If you resent success you’ll never achieve it.

Doesn’t that one deserve a chapter and verse? Proverbs 32:1, if you will?

And the truth of that saying speaks more to pastors — people like me! — than anyone else. I can’t think of any vocation with more peer-to-peer resentment than parish ministry.

I’ve been on both sides of it — the resenter and the resented.

I’m praying I’ll learn to celebrate rather than resent the success of others.

Then maybe, just maybe, there’ll be more in my own life to celebrate as well.