The Storm Before The Calm Gets Published And Good Shepherd Gets Visited

Yesterday was, well, eventful.

First, I had the great privilege of preaching on a bible story that features inebriation, nekkedness, and the world’s first moonwalk.  Called “After The Storm,” the message came from Genesis 9:18-27, where Noah has an unfortunate post-Flood run-in with his own vineyard, and all kinds of chaos ensues.  The sermon was designed to help us take personal inventory and catalog the ways in which we don’t just endure storms; we have been the storms through which others must suffer.

Second, the e-book version of the entire sermon series, The Storm Before The Calm, went public on Sunday as well.  From the beginning I felt that the series would be a strong one, as the Scripture, the sermons, and the art all fell together in ways that were helpful in people’s lives. 

You can download the digital version of this little book of sermons for free (until Thursday) by clicking on this Amazon link.  Check it out and share with others — after all, you can’t beat the price.

Third, our church received an incognito visit from a fellow Methodist pastor, James Howell of Myers Park UMC.  He came to the 10 a.m. service and fortunately I did not know he was there until we were done.

Returning a favor I’d done for him upon visiting Myers Park back in November, James posted a blog on his experience.  You can read all about it here

I’ve never been called “wicked funny” before, but I’ll take it.