The Privilege Of Preaching

As I think about what’s coming this Sunday, it all serves as another reminder of what a privilege it is to preach in general and to preach at Good Shepherd in particular.

For example, just this Sunday I get to . . .

  • Correct a common misunderstanding of a frequently referenced but rarely read book in the Old Testament.
  • I will be able to do that teaching in the middle of a message I believe speaks to people at a deep point of need — Life After Loss.
  • We will conclude our experience in a tactile, multi-sensory way that simply wouldn’t fly at many churches.
  • We also celebrate believer baptism in the 11:30 service — always one of our highest acts of worship.

So I am feeling privileged and blessed as I think of taking the platform this Sunday.

Life After Loss. Sunday. 8:30. 10. 11:30.


Please remember our First Serve ministry this weekend. Let’s set an all-time record for volunteers fanning out in ministry throughout the greater Charlotte region.

And next weekend is the Men’s Advance. Spots still available for a differenc-making weekend.