The Office Project

I usually post these videos on the Friday before a series launch, but this one couldn’t wait. Here’s the promo for our new series, The Office:

We have several ways we are getting the conversation going when it comes to this series:

1. A special interactive website:
2. Teaser billboards throughout our community that invite people into the website, conversation, and church itself. You can see the boards near the I-77/I-85 interchange, on Hwy. 21 in Fort Mill, and on Hwy. 160 near the Baxter community, also in Fort Mill.
3. A special Facebook page just for the series.
4. But most of all . . . you. All the media presence we can muster will never replace the value of word of mouth. So if Good Shepherd is your home and you have friends or family who struggle with work, you now have six days worth of inviting time.