The Nicest Thing My Mom Ever Said

I mentioned in a post last week that I am the youngest of eight children. I also explained that I am 23 years younger than the oldest Davis and seven years younger than the #7 child. In other words, an only child with seven brothers and sisters.

Being that much younger than everyone else — and the fact that my mom was 46 and my dad was 50 when I was born — led me to assume that I was, um, accidental.

So one time a few years ago I was with my mother in a public setting and we were talking with some acquaintances about the unique circumstances of my birth. I said to this person, “I was a mistake.”

My mom quickly answered, “No, not a mistake at all. A pleasant surprise.”

And that’s the nicest thing she has ever said to me . . . so far.

Do your children or grandchildren know that there is no mistake in their being on this planet and in your life? Do they know they are “pleasant surprises”?

If they don’t, they should.