The Knockout Punch

This photo of Muhammed Ali’s knockout of Sonny Liston in their May, 1965 rematch bout in Lewiston, Maine is one of the most iconic images in all of boxing.
Liston prone. Ali flexing and snarling. I saw the photo as a kid — and Ali fan — and have never forgotten it.
And a debate that rages even today: was the knockout punch real or phantom? Was Ali’s speed and strength such that Liston had no chance? Or was the fix in and Lison took the fall to pay back debts he owed to the Mafia?

Such is the power and allure of knockout punches — the ultimate winner-take-all moment in sports.

As we wind up The Fight Of Your Life, we’ll look closely at the knockout punches that our family relationships face, and those that we can give in order to win the battle. To get ready, take a look at Ruth 1:1-21.

And remember to turn your clock back on Saturday night.

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