The Heart Of Pastoring

A Good Shepherd friend and I were emailing earlier this week, and our conversation drifted into the different personal styles of some of the pastors on our staff.

Specifically, we were talking about how easy or difficult it is for those of us in pastoral work to tell people not what they want to hear but what they need to know.  I put myself in the middle-ish rank on that list, as some of my colleagues are more adept at it and others find it more of a struggle.

Anyway, my Good Shepherd friend offered this impromptu analysis of one of my teammates:

Like, something about his character: He kind of metaphorically backs up and lets scripture be greater than he is. He means it honestly. It’s like he’s humbled by the words he shares. 

Lets the Scripture be greater than he is.  What a compliment disguised as normal analysis.  Because I realized as soon as I read it that that particular attitude — letting the Scripture be greater than we are — is at the heart of teaching, equipping, preaching, pastoring, leading.  All of it.

The heart of pastoring.  The heart of ministry.

I pray whatever your sphere of influence you will allow the Scripture to be greater than you are today.