The Dream Police . . . And More

Week 2 of Wildest Dreams is one of my favorites:  The Dream Police.

It’s a fresh look at an ancient story, and I think some things emerge out of that story that will be helpful to a lot of Good Shepherd-ites.

To prepare, check out Matthew 2:1-15 and see if you can figure out where we’ll go together.

This weekend also marks the one year anniversary of our Latino worship service, which takes place each Sunday at 11:30 in the Corner Campus.

The team is bringing in Aracelisz Vazquez-Haye as special singer and teacher.  The celebration begins with a dinner on Saturday evening and continues with worship on Sunday morning.  You can read more about Aracelis here.

I’ll join the dinner — and practice my Spanish — but will be speaking in our English 11:30 service.  Either way, it’s going to be a festive, celebratory time.