The Devil May Wear Prada, But Jesus Wears . . .

Fashion Statement has taken me by surprise.

Come to think of it, many of our series do. Some that I think will tread water end up surging with momentum. Others that I’m convince will launch us to new levels of ministry stay in holding pattern instead.

Fashion Statement has been, blessedly, the former. I’m grateful for the momentum it has brought us.

Of course, staging a Radical Impact Project like the Fed Up Sunday in the middle of the series plays a role in that.

So we come to Sunday #5: The Devil May Wear Prada, But Jesus Wears . . .

And you know what I’m even more excited about for the Sunday than the message itself?

Where I get to preach it.

To see what I mean, Sunday.

8:30. 10. 11:30.