The Criticism Loop

Awhile back, I was listening to a teaching program on a Christian radio station.

The teachers on the air spent quite a bit of time criticizing 1) Wesleyans; 2) Charismatics; and 3) Contemporary preachers.


So I got my dander up. I was ready to send an e-mail to the station. I was preparing to “out” the program in a blog. I was ready to devote time and energy criticizing other Christian leaders for criticizing other Christian leaders.

Got that? I would criticize them for daring to criticize me.

But then how would I be any different? I wouldn’t, of course. The moment you go public with your negativity about the negativity of others . . . you become what you complain about.

So I’ll try to close that criticism loop the best I can.

Unless I just opened it.