The Body Ministering To The Body

Yesterday we concluded the sermon with one sentence testimonies by seven different people from the Good Shepherd community, each of whom is in the process of being “delivered” from the Pharaoh that has plagued their lives.

But that wasn’t the best part.

The best part was when each of those who had given their testimonies came down from our platform to pray with people who themselves wanted to be delivered from a Pharaoh in their lives.

People streamed forward at all three services to be touched and prayed for by those who had courageously shared part of their story.

(By the way, this whole idea was the brainstorm of Chris Macedo who knew better than I did how this particular sermon needed to end.)

So in the best sense, the Body of Christ ministered to the Body of Christ.

The people of the church didn’t need a special prayer from the preacher. They didn’t need a touch from a celebrity pray-er. They didn’t even need the encouragement from other church staff.

They needed to receive ministry from one another.

Sounds sort of biblical, doesn’t it? I’m glad to be learning that lesson anew every day.