The Best Review Ever For Head Scratchers — And Future Suggestions

My young friend Aaron handed me this note on Sunday:


Aaron Lanier

Here are some highlights of his prose:

  • I hope it would help to invite readers to come to Good Shepherd to be invited into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  He KNOWS & REPEATS THE MISSION STATMENT!
  • I cannot wait to read your 2 other books.
  • I thought ‘Head Scratchers’ was gonna be my birthday present but it wasn’t.
  • Hope to look for the 2 other books in the fall.
  • I have enclosed a list that you might want to be published . . . List of series you maybe want to be published:
    • 4U
    • BrainWashing
    • Beyond
    • Wash Me!
    • Trending
    • (These may be too many books to publish, I guess.  :/)

We’ll take those last few up with my friends at Abingdon!