The Best Part Of Yesterday

So what was the best part of yesterday?

Was it getting to preach from the middle of a boxing ring again? That was good, but not the best.

Was it being led in praise and worship by the band, choir, and brass sections of the Good Shepherd music ministry? That was good, but not the best.

Was it going to the Y right after the 3rd service for my traditional-bordering-on-obsessive after church workout? That was good, but not the best.

I think the best was part was leading a small group of 4th & 5th graders in our Sunday evening ministry called The Bridge. That particular program bridges the gap between children’s ministry and our BigHouse youth ministry.

I had five kids in my group. They were full of energy, mischief, laughter, and . . . insight. We contrasted what the world sees as a “winner” with the ways in which Jesus was and is history’s ultimate winner. His victory didn’t come through bling, fame, or fortune. It came through sacrificial love.

And I think the Bridge kids got it. I might have gotten it, too.

In any event, it was a good reminder of what — and who — is truly important in the course of a pastor’s Sunday.