The Best Easter Note Of Encouragement

On Easter Sunday, I got up very early (of course) to get ready for the Sunrise Service.

As I made my way into the kitchen to prepare my English muffin (with honey, thank you) and hard boiled egg, I noticed a small piece of scratch paper on the kitchen counter.

On the paper, I saw the chicken scrawl that passes for my 18 year old son Riley’s handwriting. So I read it.

It was a note to me. It said, in the sort of earthy vernacular of high school football players, what might be delicately translated as “break a leg for Jesus today.”

Now that’s not what he wrote, but that’s what he meant.

I was pretty grateful that an 18 year old would recognize the ministry importance of Easter Sunday for his preacher dad, and then take the time to write a note spurring me on.

And the day just got better from there.