ThanksLiving, Week 3 — When NOT To Support Your Church


You’re titling a message — a message that will be coupled with the receiving of ThanksLiving Pledge Cards for 2018 — with a message called When NOT To Support Your Church?!?!

Well, yes … yes, we are.  And the purpose WON’T be to set up a Straw Man of churches NOT like Good Shepherd so I can then knock him down and say, “Aren’t we great?!  Support us!”  No, I know better than that.

But I do believe it will be an exercise in thinking what church is REALLY about and how it is that tomorrow intersects with today.

Along the way, we will show a high quality, emotionally resonant video about the recent Indian Mission team.  I know you’ll be refreshed after seeing what your generosity empowers among the beautiful people of the subcontinent.

And finally, there is a TAKE HOME SURPRISE.  What is it?  I have been ordered NOT TO TELL.  But I can tell you that the TAKE HOME SURPRISE contains major, major impact.


8:30, 10, 11:30 on Moss Road.

10, 11:30 on Zoar Road.

11:30 en espanol with Sammy Gonzalez.