“Thank God For Science,” Week 2 — “Do The Math”

I think every pastor longs for those Sundays when you set the table, sit back, and watch God work.

It seems like that’s what happened LAST Sunday as we opened up “Thank God For Science” by looking at “The Wrong Question.” Many of you were alternately tearful and euphoric as you heard God’s emphatic “VERY GOOD” pronounced over you.

And this week, as move from Genesis 1 to Job 38, I believe God is preparing to do more of the same. It’s called “Do The Math” and will show all the ways that the more know, the less we understand. There might even be an experiment or two along the way.


8:30, 10, 11:30 on the Moss Campus.

9, 10:30 at the Zoar Campus.

11:30 en el Ministerio Latino.