THANK GOD FOR SCIENCE Launches with “The Wrong Question”!!

Thank God For Science

 For a long time, it seems, people have been presented with a choice:

Believe in the bible.  Or believe in science.  You can’t do both.

Just think about all the dilemmas!

How old is the universe?

When did life begin? 

Where did the human race come from? 

Why doesn’t Genesis say anything about Jurassic Park?

 OK, maybe the last one hasn’t been quite so problematic, but the others have been.  Do you lean into the bible or lean on science?  Because it sure doesn’t seem like you can do both.

But what if we’ve been asking the wrong questions?  What if we have been going about it all wrong when it comes to both the bible and science?

What if faith and physics aren’t enemies but are best of friends?  What if, at the end of the day – or the end of the series – we can thank God for science?


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