Text And ConTXT Box Score

This is how I like church to go. In the morning, we launched Text Message, a series about the nature and scope of the bible.
Then to supplement the Sunday morning teaching, we offered the first of our ConTXT seminars on Sunday night.
As Sunday morning rolled around, we had 61 people pre-registered for the ConTXT seminar.
And over 140 showed up.

They crowded into the K-Zone (formerly the Multi-Purpose Room and before that, the Worship Center) to hear James-Michael Smith teach about the importance of reading all the texts of the bible in their historical and literary contexts.
James-Michael is the kind of bible scholar I like: solid in his evangelical commitments and yet willing to challenge some evangelical pre-suppositions. We need more like him as biblical scholarship moves ahead into the 21st Century.
In the meantime, I’m just glad we have him as part of the GS community, helping us to walk together towards greater growth.
Next week’s ConTXT features a panel discussion with James-Michael, Rich Tuttle, Ron Dozier, and me.
You can pre-register here.