#TBT — Talbatman

Here I am at four and a half years old, sporting both my Batman costume and my cast for my broken left arm.

If you look closely, you can see the picture was taken on May 29, 1966.

The Adam West Batman show had just come on TV, he became my instant hero, and so my mom made me the costume.  She very quickly had to tell me to wait until 3 p.m. to put it on so that I could spend at least part of each day being Talbot.

And the broken arm?  Easy.  I was chasing imaginary criminals through the neighborhood, climbed up on to a fence and while jumping off got my foot caught on a dog leash.  Next thing I knew I was at the ER getting a cast put on my left arm.

I suspect I kept my cape on even while the doctor set my bone.

Because there’s no way I was going to hide that hero.