#TBT — Short Shorts Alert! My Pro Tennis Victory, 1984

So back in the day, I won one (1) prize money professional tennis tournament.

And since the finals of that event was televised on local cable access TV in Trenton, New Jersey, I have had the VHS for these 32 1/2 years.

A friend at church recently transferred it to DVD and then another friend uploaded it to YouTube.

So here it is: the finals of the 1984 James Cryan Memorial Tennis Tournament in which I played and beat John Bartos, a college teammate, 6-4, 6-2.

My payday was $400, which Julie and I used to buy a new couch.

A few things to note if you watch or scroll through the video:

  • The shorts are so short they almost merit a NSFW warning.
  • I hit a few shots that actually look professional quality — serves & backhands, mainly — followed quickly by shots that are positively amateurish.
  • Argyle is never out of style.
  • If you speed ahead to about 1:21 in, Twila Paris inexplicably interrupts us, singing from the late, great Crystal Cathedral.
  • If you know anything about evolving tennis technique, I have the beginnings of the modern forehand, but I sure would have done better if I’d “planted and loaded” my right foot like they do today.
  • John and I played in the same tournament in 1985 . . . and he won handily.  Because of my diligent efforts, no recording of that event survives.