#TBT — Nov. 14, 1982

Here it is: a photo from Spelman Hall on the campus of Princeton University on November 14, 1982. My 21st birthday.

Julie had thrown a surprise party for me. I remember opening the door to her door and being greeted with the sights and sounds of tennis teammates, roommates, and an assortment of other early 80s Tigers.

I look at that picture and I’m struck by: a) the lack of T-shirt under my button down. What was I thinking? b) the length of Julie’s hair; c) the side/back view of Ken Katz; and d) the presence of Ted Farnsworth, seated and immediately to my left. Ted was by far our best player and after college and a brief stint on the pro tour, he became a naval aviator. Sadly, he died in 1993 when his jet crashed while on a training mission. All of us connected with that team miss him to this day.