#TBT — Fall, 1967, Turning Six

Here’s a childhood picture I shared with our staff on our Whimsy-Centric Staff Meeting Day (everyone had to submit a baby picture and then we took turns guessing who was who).



Some highlights from this day:

  • It was a Dinosaur Party because my mom didn’t want me to have a Batman Party.  I was already posing as Batman too much and living as Talbot too little.
  • Michael Simpson is to my left.  Lance McIlhenny (later the starting quarterback on SMU’s National Champion Runner-Up football team (back then it was decided in the polls and “we” were robbed!) in 1982) is to his left.  Bobby Bracken is the one in the middle looking up at the apparently headless adult in charge.  Why do I know all those names 49 years later?  That’s like asking why do I still know all the land line phone numbers of the people of Mt. Carmel?  The score of every Super Bowl in succession?  Each year’s average attendance at the two churches I’ve served?  It’s not healthy, but it’s the way my mind works.
  • I am seriously eyeing that chocolate cake.  Which makes sense as I have chocolate at least once a day, usually twice.
  • We were all students at the kindergarten at Highland Park Presbyterian Church.  Evidently, I was unknowingly in the middle of some on-the-job training early on.