#TBT — Budding Artist, Aspiring Footballer, or Religious Clairvoyant?

I recently found this drawing of mine in some old photo albums.  I believe I was about six years old, making this in 1967 or 1968.


Notice I have my name on the FRONT side of the jersey (those of you who know me are like, “yep, he’s a THREE alright!”).  Notice also that I am a running back.

And notice the scoreboard:  HPP vs. CtK.  What does that mean?

HPP = Highland Park Presbyterian, where I went to kindergarten but not to church.  I am apparently “rushing” them to victory 44-21 — though I suspect my touchdown will make it 50-21.  (Will we “go for two because we can’t go for three” as Woody Hayes famously said when his Ohio State team hit 50 vs. Michigan in 1968?)

CtK = Christ the King, which I believe was an Episcopalian church in Dallas.  I am definitely not referring to CtK in the Steele Creek section of Charlotte, as it was not even born until the mid 1990s.

Unless I knew something ahead of time …