#TBT — A Thoroughly Modern Texas Tennis Throwback

The CURRENT ISSUE of Inside Tennis Magazine , Texas Tennis History Issue, has a special cover from way back in 1977.

That’s right.  As part of an October 2020 issue celebrating Tennis History in the Lone Star State, the magazine included the cover of the 1977 Texas Tennis Association Yearbook and Guide.  Here it is:


There I am, as a 14 year old, hitting a backhand using my trusty old (and very thin) Spalding La Vitesse (French for “The Speed”!) racket.  Other, bigger names are on there as well, including Zina Garrison, Angela Bartzen, Jim Parker, Ken McAlister, Rick Meyers, and Doug Crawford.

If you’re known by the company you keep, then based on this 43 year old throwback, I am probably doing better than I deserve.