Talkin’ Bout My Generation

At a recent Young Adult LifeGroup, a newleywed-ish couple shared an insightful answer to the question:

“When, if ever, have you felt the power of ‘fellowship’ and what it means to be part of the Body of Christ.”

And the young couple answered, “When Ron & Eleanor (a couple in their 70s) tells us on Sundays that they’re praying for our marriage every day.  It lets us know that it wasn’t just about a nice wedding day.  It’s that our marriage is surrounded by people who love and pray.” 

So: a pair of twenty-five years olds, just beginning to navigate the journey of life together, feel like they are part of the Body of Christ when another couple — separated from them in age by almost half a century — lift them up in prayer.

That’s generational ministry.

That’s a living relationship.

That’s church.