Surgery, Serendipity, And A Very Small World

In the summer of 1983, just before my senior year in college, I taught tennis at a place called Camp Of The Woods in Speculator, New York.

Two of us were hired for the tennis program that summer; my partner was a Hong Kong-born, pre-med student and varsity player at Wheaton College in northern Illinois.

So almost 30 years ago, a native of Texas attending college in New Jersey taught tennis in New York alongside a native of Hong Kong studying in Illinois.

Well, yesterday I accompanied my father-in-law to Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte where my mother-in-law had a surgical procedure. 

When complications arose during that procedure and a second surgical team was called in, who led that second, almost heroic, team?

My Wheaton-educated tennis teaching partner from 1983.

He and his team performed superbly until late in the night and as of this morning my mother-in-law is doing well.

We’ve traveled different routes since a summer in the Adirnondacks but have landed in the same place: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Big God but small world.