Staff Retreat

Our pastoral staff spent Sunday night and all day Monday in Blowing Rock, NC.

It was a time of retreat, renewal, and connection.

It was also a result of my commitment to be more focused and diligent in my leadership of my friends and colleagues on the staff.

As I’ve posted here before, I am in general a better leader of the congregation than I am of the staff.

Of course, as I now realize, the staff is part of the congregation!

But in leading the church as a whole, I am usually organized and disciplined. In contrast, my leadership of the staff has been haphazard and reactionary.

The prayer is that 2009 will be different. By setting the staff schedule on paper, by clarifying expectations, and by contronting difficult issues rather than wishing them away, I am trying to make our lives “behind the scenes” as healthy and impactful as the worship we craft in public on Sunday.

Because the people who work here deserve nothing less.