Staff Field Trip

Today, I’m taking the Good Shepherd staff on a field trip.

To South Park Mall.

Not exactly high culture. Nor is it continuing education.

It’s blatant consumerism.

But it’s also my expression of thanks at Christmas.

I’ve gotten each of them a gift card they can use anywhere in the mall. It’s an annual Christmas tradition around here. After some shopping, we’ll share a meal together.

Am I trying to buy their affection? Maybe.

But more to the point, blessing the staff in this way at Christmas is a small way I can say “thank you” for all their hard, often self-less, work on behalf of the kingdom. You can get to know some of the people who work here by checking this page.

Leading a staff like this is like leading a family: often challenging, sometimes harrowing, frequently perplexing, but ultimately worth it. The old cliche is true — we are much more than the sum of our parts.