Staff Christmas Field Trip 2013

Here’s a photo of almost all of the GSUMC staff taken yesterday just before we departed for a Christmas Field Trip.

What happens on a Christmas Field Trip for Good Shepherd staff?

First, I thank God for the good work the staff has done this year and for the fact that I sleep well at night because they are so committed and creative.

Second, I hand out gift cards for use in a local mall to each staffer.  The cards are from both me and from Julie: from me to thank them for working hard and from Julie to thank them for working in such a way that I sleep well at night.

Third, we climb into a van, drive off to the local mall, and spend our gift cards.  We meet back at the Food Court, break bread, and then climb back into van for return to the church, ready and eager for an afternoon of work. 

It’s a privilege to work with this group of people, for the people of Good Shepherd, and on behalf of our risen & returning King.