Special Tuesday Blog: Guidelines For Today’s Good Shepherd Church-Wide Defining Moments Fast

Defining Moments Prayer & Fasting Instructions – Tuesday, January 21, 2014

As you may know, we are asking the people of Good Shepherd to fast from food products on Tuesday, January 21.

We are counting on this time of shared sacrifice and shared prayer to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit so that large numbers of people will have their own “Defining Moment” and come to saving faith in our living Lord during our Sunday Morning At The Movieson January 26.

On the 26th, we are showing a compelling short film produced by our friends at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  The film depicts three life-changing defining moments and then gives an opportunity for people to surrender their own lives to God’s grace.

Listed below are some hints for this day of Prayer and Fasting.  These suggestions are geared especially to those of you who may be new to fasting, though we believe even fasting veterans will find some helpful items as well.


1.        Read some Scripture passages that apply to fasting.  These include . . .

a.         Matthew 17:20, 21 – fasting for freedom

b.        Ezra 8:21-23 – fasting to help solve problems

c.         I Samuel 7:1-8 – fasting for repentance & spiritual breakthrough

d.        Acts 9:9-19 – fasting for spiritual decision making

e.         Isaiah 58:6-7 – fasting to help those on the margins
The Day Of The Fast

1.        As you are able, make every effort to fast at least 24 hours (meaning you will miss both breakfast and lunch.)  Please miss at least one meal.  Many of you will fast approximately 32 hours (missing the whole day of meals).

2.        Drink juice and water.  This helps to take your mind off your hunger.

3.        Spend the time you would have spent eating praying to God (ideas below). 

4.        Allow your hunger to remind you of God’s strength and your weakness.

Prayers To Pray

1.               As you fast and pray, please pray for the invitation to salvation that will happen in both the Worship Center and in every children’s and youth event on Sunday, January 26.  Please pray for for wandering people to come home.  Pray also for people who’ve been Christians for so long that they take it for granted to come to a renewed awareness of grace.

2.                Pray that God will use the “movie tickets” we distributed this past Sunday morning to bring throngs of people who need gospel grace to our campus on Sunday.

3.                Pray for your own courage, wisdom, and persistence as you enter into the divine appointments that make up your faith-sharing day.