Something We Don’t Do Well . . . And Something We Do

The longer I serve in church leadership, the more I realize that churches need to ask themselves this question: “what do we do well?”

By the same token, they need to ask this one: “what do we not do well?”

It’s interesting: in deciding what you do well, you are often making a decision to be “not so good” at some other things.

For example, we’re not very good at helping people start new ministries that are borne out of a personal passion and are pefectly God-honoring. A new ministry to write letters of encouragement to elected officials, for example. (No one has approached us with this one, by the way.) It may be a fine idea, one that pleases God and will help people, but we’re not so good at getting something like that off the ground.

On the other hand, there is something in a related area that we do well: providing ample space for people to find their niche in ministry.

While we can’t always help launch brand new ministry initiatives, we can direct people towards something like First Serve — our monthly outreach to the greater Charlotte area. On the first Saturday of each month, we have as many as ten different ministry sites at which people can serve. The sites range from the Charlotte Rescue Mission to a local Nursing Home to a middle school gang prevention ministry.

So we are good at moving people to First Serve — October saw over 300 people participate.

Our hope and prayer is that the ministry opportunities are wide enough on the first Saturday of each month to appeal to a large number of Good Shepherd servants.

It’s a decision to focus all of our energy and creativity into something we know we can do and do well.

To sign up for the November First Serve, click here.