Some Things I’ve Learned Through Personal Experience

Here are some random things I’ve learned through the years from personal experience . . .

  • People feel valued when you remember their name.
  • If you go cheap, you get cheap.
  • Rogaine helps you keep what you got better than it replaces what you lost.
  • Regular fasting brings spiritual and physical benefits.
  • Many times you have a bigger impact on people’s lives than you realize.
  • God is bigger than any method. He has used ministries with which I disagree to bring healing into my life and body.
  • Cats have it made.
  • Some people will never be happy. The harder you try to make them happy, the worse it gets.
  • People appreciate learning something they didn’t know before.
  • Sometimes over-involvement in church is a sign of ill health.
  • If your spouse likes receiving gifts, then buy good gifts.
  • Toyotas Camrys drive forever.
  • Encourage in writing; discipline in person.
  • Most people in church are unbelievably nice if you take the time to notice.